Effects of Anuloma-viloma and Bhastrika PranayamaPractices on Mental Toughness among University- Level Sportspersons


Background: Psychological preparation of athletes is one of the basic elements in sports training. In order for a player to be able to improve his/her sports skill level, he or she should effectively cope with stress, challenges and difficulties they face during the sporting competition and during training.

Objective of the study: To determine the effect of Anuloma-viloma and Bhastrika Pranayama Practices on Mental Toughness among University-Level Sportspersons.

Methods: Thirtry (30) University-Level Sportspersons were selected and the nature of sampling was purposive and on random basis from U.P. and their age ranged between 18-25 years. The subjects were divided into two equal groups on random basis consisting of fifteen subjects in each group. The Anuloma-viloma Pranayama & Bhastrika Pranayama training period for experimental groups was of six weeks. Mental Toughness Inventory (MIT) developed by Dr.Alan Goldberg (1977) was used. For this study pre-test – post- test randomized group design (Thomas, Nelson & Silverman, 2005) consisting of one experimental group (n=15) and one control group (n=15) was used. The experimental group was trained five days per week for the period of six weeks. As the per session of practices was of 50-60 minutes. Each experimental session was of 50-60 minutes. The load intensity was kept low to moderate in first week and increased progressively in proceeding week moderate to high and repetition and sets were increased respectively. The members of control group were not given any practices/training during this period. The one-way analysis of co-variance (ANCOVA) and to test the significance of difference between means LSD test was applied with setting the significant level at 0.05 was used to find out the effect of Anuloma-viloma and Bhastrika Pranayama Practices. All the statistical calculation was carried out using SPSS version 16.0.

Results: The experimental group showed significant improvement in Mental toughness after six weeks of Anuloma- viloma and Bhastrika Pranayama Practices on regular basis. The control group showed no significant improvement in this variables.

Conclusion: The obtained ‘t’ test value of experimental group was greater than the table value. The ‘t’ value of Mental Toughness 24.56 is significant at 0.05 level of significance. The results clearly indicated that the Mental toughness of the experimental group improved due to the Anuloma-viloma and Bhastrika Pranayama Practices/training on University-Level Sportspersons.

Key Words: Mental Toughness, Anuloma-viloma and Bhastrika Pranayama.
Authors: Singh & Singh
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