Effect of Selected Psychological Variables on State Anxiety of School Students

Objective of this study was to find out the relationship of state anxiety with other psychological variables. For this
purpose, sixty students of 13-18 years were selected randomly from KV BHU, Varanasi. Self concept, aggression and sensation
seeking were selected as predictors for state anxiety of subjects. Standard and reliable questionnaires were used to measure
the variables and to obtain the data. To achieve the objectives of present study and to test the hypothesis descriptive statistics,
Pearson product moment correlation, multiple correlation and linear regression was used at 0.05 level of significance. Results
revealed that only sensation seeking was significantly correlated with state anxiety, and equation developed on basis of
sensation seeking was found significant 0.028 for prediction. On basis of findings it is concluded sensation seeking can be
influenced measure in relation to state anxiety of school students and teachers and students must have to control this variable
for best performance.
Key Words: Sensation seeking, Psychological Variables & State Anxiety

Authors: Dr. Jitendra Pratap Singh, Dr. Gaurav Kumar Singh

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