Identification of Obesity Measures to Predict Blood Pressure of Farmers

Blood Pressure has emerged as 3rd global risk factor for health and even for life, according to WHO report and India that is known as country of villages and country of farmers is going to be capital of hypokinetic diseases that include diabetes,
hypertension, osteoarthritis. Objective of this study was to find out the relationship of various obesity measures with blood pressure of farmers. For this purpose fifty farmers of 30-50 years from different villages of Varanasi district were selected
randomly. BMI, WC and WHR were selected as measures of obesity and also predictor variables for this study while blood pressure was chosen as criterion variables. Standard and reliable measures were used to measure the variables and to obtain the data. To achieve the objectives of present study and to test the hypothesis descriptive statistics, Pearson product moment correlation, multiple correlation and linear regression was used at 0.05 level of significance. Results revealed that BMI and WC are significantly correlated with BP, while joint correlation of predictor variables is .566. On basis of findings it is concluded BMI is most influenced measure in relation to blood pressure in cases of farmers. Finally on basis of obtained result it can be conclude that obesity can be a cause of elevated blood pressure in relation to farmers.
Key Words: BMI, Waist Circumference (WC), Waist Hip Ratio (WHR).

Authors: Dr. Vivek Kumar Singh, Dr. Tadang Minu, Dr. Anil Mili, Dr. K. Rojeet Singh

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