A Comparative Study of Selected Physiological Variables among Football and Hockey Players


               The purpose of the study was to compare the selected physiological variables among football and hockey players. For the purpose of the study, forty players, 20 each from football and hockey game were selected as subject. The age of the subjects ranged from 20-25 years were randomly selected from Jaipur district. The physiological variables i.e., Heart rate, Blood pressure and vital capacity measured by using standard techniques and equipment’s. The difference between the groups was assessed by using paired samples t-test. The level of significances was 0.05 level. The results showed that there is no significant difference among football and hockey players in the selected physiological variables.

Key Words: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure (Systolic & Diastolic), Vital Capacity, Football, Hockey.

Authors: Ms. Richa Rathore & Dr. Preeti Kachhava

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