Development of Human Values through Physical Education and Sports


                Being active is the default mechanism of human being but we are getting addicted to the technology driven lifestyle. This lifestyle along with the evidences of cut-throat competition, unemployment, corruption, nepotism is resulting in road-rages, kidnapping, rape, violence etc. There are many situations in which some people try to take advantage of others helplessness to make money or exploit someone for their own benefit. Such scenarios reflect a decline in the moral values of human beings. Many researches indicate that the participation in sports and physical activities channelizes that extra energy, which might have turned into undesirable behaviours among youth. Hence, the present paper attempts to explore and explain the process of developing human values through physical education and sports. It includes: (1) understanding the characteristics of children in different age groups; (2) actions/ activities suggested activities for the desired outcomes; and (3) learning of human values through games and sports. The study concluded that physical education and sports are the excellent tools of inculcating human value related to truth, right conduct, love, peace and non-violence.

Key Words: Inculcation, Human Values, Physical Education and Sports.

Author: Mrs. Seema Sharma (Kaushik), Dr. Anju Luthra, Pramod Sharma &  Rajender Lal

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