Sports Performance as a Graduate Course in India- An Exploratory Study

High performing sportspersons with outstanding achievements during their school life are often faced with a dilemma once they are into a graduate program. Pressure of building an economically viable career once in College, leads to promising sportspersons steering away from sporting goals. This forced shift to pure academia in order to get a viable graduate degree has cut short many a dream to make it big in their sport. Whether or not many more athletes will continue their training and aim for higher sporting achievements during their graduate studies if Sports Performance is given equal weight age as an academic subject is what this study aims to explore. In India today a person can graduate and post graduate in Performing Arts, Drama, Design etc and here we would like to observe if Sports Performance can be added to the list of Graduate Studies. The worthwhile outcome, future stability, employability and the satisfaction of the ultimate accomplishment that the long years and relentless hours spent in training to perfect an art form of a gymnast or to cross the tape after a marathon is what this study wishes to explore.
Key Words: Sports Performance, Graduate Studies, Athletes, Employability, Viable
Author:Feroza Mogrelia
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