The Gap Within: Indian-Chinese Sporting Roots

Here we are talking about two countries India and China sharing boundaries in geographical map and also at place of world population ranking. Besides a lots of other things when we peep on to the field of sports, China is far ahead of India just like their population numbers. Besides the well known facts that China is defined in negative ecological growth, Chinese athletes lack wide range of physique parameters and when we come to pollutions, it makes China even gross because of its toxic gaseous release during recycling processes. It is a thing to wonder that despite all of above odds, China remains the undisputed champion of sports and when we look right at the medal tally of 2012 & 2016 Olympics combined, China stands 2nd worldwide with 158 medals and India was not even in top fifty with 8 total medals. 2018 Asian games China-289 medals and India – 69 medals. Now you might have realized the disastrous gap.
Author Name: Anoop Singh
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