A Comparative Study of Sportsman Spirit between Physically Able and Disabled Male Sportsperson

The aim of the present study was to compare sportsman spirit between physically able and physically disabled male sportsperson. To conduct the study 50 physically disabled male sportspersons (Av. age 21.40 yrs) were selected as sample. To fulfill the objectives of the study another set of 50 physically able male sportspersons (Av. age 24.12 yrs) were also selected as sample. The criterion for selection of subjects was participation in any sporting event at national level. Sportsman spirit of selected subjects was assessed by Sportsman Spirit Questionnaire prepared by L.N. Dubey (1988). Result reveals statistically non-significant difference in sportsman spirit of physically able and physically disabled male sportsperson. It was concluded that participation in competitive sports is equally useful for development of human virtues such as sportsman spirit even in physically challenged male population.
Key Words: Physical disability, sportsman spirit, gender
Authors: Deo Narayan & Prof. C.D. Agashe
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