Competitive Anxiety Differences between Male and Female Hockey Players

Purpose of the present research was to study and analyze Competitive Anxiety Differences between Male and Female Hockey Players. 73 Hockey players (36 male and 37 female) comprising the best three teams in each category in the Hockey competition held at MJPU Bareilly, in 2017 were investigate. Marten’s Sports Competitive Anxiety Test (SCAT) for adults was administered to the subjects (Marten, 1977). Each player taking the test was asked to read first the description of each item and then indicate his/her response accordingly. Testing was conducted on the day of the competition so that the subjects could respond with the real competitive feelings. ANOVA test was used for statistical analysis of the data and to find out inter sex differences, ‘t’ test was applied. It was concluded that the hockey players both men and women have moderate level of competitive anxiety and Male and female players differ significantly in competitive anxiety through over all level is moderate in both casesr.
Key Words: Competitive Anxiety, Hockey Players, Male & Female
Author:  Dr. Ashok Kumar
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