Comparison of motor fitness between sedentary girls and girls regularly involved in Karate training

The concept of martial art is the base for people to recognize and study martial art. In long history, descriptions on concept of martial art in different stages are different. The content and relation will be developed and changed with society and martial art. In history there are many names associated with martial art. In the periods of Spring & Autumn and Warring States, there was “attack and defense” skill; in Han Dynasty, there is the term “martial art” which was further used in the end of Ming Dynasty. In early Ching Dynasty, the term “martial art” in “Yang Pi martial art” (military affairs) in Literary Collection in Nan Dynasty is used; it was called “Chinese martial art” in the years of Republic of China: the term “martial art” is used after the foundation of New China. Physical education of martial art significantly changes the content, form and training measures of martial art. It shows that the essential concepts of the things keep changing. Nowadays, basic definition of martial art is below: martial art is mainly based on hand fighting with the forms of martial art skills and battle. It values internal and external study and is the item of Chinese traditional physical education. It includes moves such as kicking, beating, falling and catching. Most of the above motor skills are directly related with physical fitness, depend upon physical fitness and helps in development and nurturing of Physical fitness. In addition, martial art is one category of sports. It is significantly different from practical fighting techniques which will hurt people. Although martial art includes rich skills, it aims to enhance people’s physical quality and defense capability by practice. The scholar designed her study in a cross sectional fashion collected data from 30 subjects of each group, sedentary and Karate computed statistical calculations and arrived at the conclusion that the girls regularly involved in Karate training are significantly better than their sedentary counterpart in all the fitness variables incorporated in the study.
Key Words: Fitness, Sedentary, Martial Art
Authors: Chaina Biswas, Dr. Saikot Chatterjee & Ms Susmita Dey
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