Impact of Pro Kabaddi League for the Development of Kabaddi in India

There is a great favour in India for rapid promotion of various sports. Consequently many schemes are proposed and a few of them implemented by the Government, educationist and voluntary agencies. A sound meaning for development is to be based on a critical account of development with current time. This study likely to reveal short comings in the infrastructure necessary for the promotion of Kabaddi statutory \ laws or absence of laws. In general, this study will provide principles on which future development could be planned for more effective promotion of Kabaddi. The study will provide information to the teachers of physical education, coaches, trainees, official’s sports organizations of the country, regarding some of hindrances which impede the progress of Kabaddi in India.The study will bring the light outstanding performance of the Kabaddi players and the teams to the past. So that due reorganization and honours may be given to them. The study will help in comparing the existing standards of the game with the performance of the previous years and it may, in turn, help in determine the future of the game. The information presented in the study will act as a source of reference for teachers of physical education, coaches and professional students in the field of physical education.
Key Words: Pro kabaddi league, Infrstructure, Performnce
Authors: Dr. Sandip Sankar Ghosh, Tofazzal Hossain, Miss. Sampa Bhowmick, Anantarup Sen Sarma & Biswajit Biswas
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