A Study on Participation of Indian Women in Olympic Games

Several Indian women have won medals in the Olympics in the past. Currently the total is 5. Five women from India have won an Olympic medal and their names are as follows: – Karnam Malleswari, Mary Kom, Saina Newhwal, P.V. Sindhu & Sakshi Malik. This paper highlights their success and also bows to the girls who came very close to winning a medal in the games. In this paper the progression of women athletes in Olympic Games from the very beginning has been traced out. Information are collected from the secondary sources like books, completion reports, newspapers and internet.
The study would be significant in tracing out the views of the parents and guardians of women players about their encouragement or discouragement for participation in sports and games. This study is also significant because it would suggest the ways and means to the government, sports institutions, clubs and other social organisations and agencies how to create interest and motivate the girls and women to participate in games and sports in large number.
Key Words: Olympics, Women athlete, Performance.
Authors: Dr. Sandip Sankar Ghosh, Jharen Debsarma, Miss. Sampa Bhowmick & Anantarup Sen Sarma
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