Status of Health Insurance Policies for Sports and Non-Sports Students in India

Numerous insurance companies in India offer various health insurance products in India. However, when it comes to the health insurance of domestic students in India, most of the policies seems to be lacking behind. More specifically there seems to be a scarcity of any such policies for students involved in sports activities. The students participating in sports activities are more prone to having injuries in the field. To meet the dire and constant demands of performing well, they are constantly focusing on being fit to remain competitive. This sometimes put undue pressure on them, which may lead to injuries like fracture, ligament tear or any other injury etc. either during practice or during competitions. Such injuries are bound to keep the athlete away from the competition as he/she may not be able to perform. Since most of the athletes in India belong to the lower economic background, sometimes they are not even able to meet the expenses of their treatment. They usually look forward to meeting such expenditure from the institution they belong to, usually where they are studying. With no such support, many students are likely to give up to the cost of treatment and may suffer a major or minor setback. In such scenario, if there would have been any insurance for the students participating in sports activities, it might be useful in supporting them. Hence, the present paper aims at reviewing the status of health insurance policies existing for sports and non-sports students in India and if the students are aware of such policies.

Key Words:Health Insurance, Students and Sports Students
Authors: Dr. Alka Harneja &  Dr. Seema Sharma (Kaushik)
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