Effect of Active Stretching Versus Passive Stretching to Increase Hamstring Muscle Flexibility in House Wives

Background: In women, body hamstring is more vulnerable muscle to be tight. There are many factors and reasons for reduced joint ROM one of which is muscular tightness. Tightness of hamstring muscle leads to loss of hip ROM and increase the risk of injury. There for the study is to find the effect of active versus passive stretching to increase hamstring muscle flexibility in house wives.
Methodology: Study design: Cross sectional study Inclusion criteria: housewives age of 30 to 50 years. Exclusion criteria: History of hospitalization in last one year Sample size: 30 house wives Sampling: Convenient sampling Study Setting: Stuti physiotherapy clinic, Ahmedabad. Procedure: Subject will be analysed by pre assessment of SLR (hip and knee 90 ̊-90 ̊) ROM and sit and reach flexibility test. All the subjects will treat under active and passive stretching of hamstring. Then pre and post assessment were analysed by SLR (hip and knee 90 ̊-90 ̊) ROM and sit and reach flexibility test.
Conclusion: There is improvement in hamstring muscle flexibility within an active and passive stretching. But there is no significant difference in improvement of hamstring muscle flexibility between active and passive stretching.
Key words: Stretching, hamstring, house wives, flexibility, Sit and reach test.
Authors:  Girish Baldha, R. Arunachalam & Parth Trivedi
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