Developing a Regression Model for Psychological Factors Predictor of Sports Injuries

Review of the literature shows that information concerning psychological risk factors for sports injuries is incomplete and partly contradictory .The methodology for studies designed to investigate psychological risk factors as predictor of sports injuries. The purpose of this study was to access if psychological factors play a role in the injury rates of different games athlete. The study examined the personality factors: (Anger, Mental Toughness, competition anxiety, fear of injury, and aggression) and their effects on injury rates. For accomplish the study total 60 injured players were selected as sample. The past one year injuries were analyzed through a self-structured scale. The age of the sample were ranged from 18 to 40. This study was not a particular game based. So, the data were collected from athletes of different games to know the common factor associated with sports injuries. To developing a regression model regression and multiple correlations was used as statistical tool. The level of significance was set at 0.05.
Key Words: Sports Injury, Anger, Mental Toughness, Competition Anxiety, Fear of Injury.
Authors: Parveen1, Dr. J.P Sharma
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