Athletic Injuries: Comparision by Team and Individual Sports

Injury occurred at the All India University and National Championship was surveyed. The data on injury was surveyed from 300 sportspersons of various team and individual sports. The mean of the age was 20.32 years with a peak 17 to 28 year’s age group. Abrasion is the highest frequent injury in team game where as Muscle pull is in individual games. Second highest injury in team games was Sprain and Contusion in individual games. Meniscus tear, ligament rupture, fracture, concussion and dislocation are most severe injuries found in various types of team and individual sports. Most of the injuries are minor, and moderate. Severe injuries are closely associated with highly stressful body contact and team sports such as, Boxing, Wrestling, Gymnastic, Basketball, Hockey, Football and Kabaddi.
Key Words: Sports Injury, Survey, Team Game, Individual Game.
Author: Parveen
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