Study of Relationship between life Attitude profiles and Personality factors Hockey Players

This research study to find out and investigate the relationship between life attitude profiles and personality factors among north zone interuniversity male hockey players. The researcher has been studied about personality profiles of male Hockey players at level of North zone interuniversity as a focal point and differences due to gender as a subsidiary interest. For the purpose of present study a total number of Fifty Hockey players were selected from interuniversity championship held at Aligarh. The samples were drawn on the principle of random sampling technique. Subjects were equally matched. The subjects were in the age range of 18 to 25 years with mean age of 21.5 years. Standardized tests and questionnaires of Cattell’s Sixteen PF Questionnaire were used for investigate the personality factors of the chosen hockey  players and standardized test including questionnaires of Reker’s & Peacock’s life attitude profiles (LAP by Reker & Peacock 1981) which were designed to measure meaning in life attitude. The LAP is 21 items multidimensional measure of life attitudes, assessing both the presence and absence of positive meaning and purpose. There is a significant difference between the Hockey players of North zone interuniversity on personality factors. There is significant difference among Hockey players of North zone interuniversity in personality factors. There is significant gender difference in personality males believed that their behavioral outcomes are attributed to internal self. The North zone interuniversity Hockey players have higher need for aggression, achievement, power and affiliation than the North zone interuniversity Hockey players.
Key Words: Personality Factors, Personality Traits, Hockey Game, fitness, Health, Psychology, environment etc.
Authors: Dr. Harsh K. Yadav, Dr. Naval Kishor & Pramod Babu Shakya
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