Influence of Age Factor on the General Well-Being among Sports Players

Wellbeing, welfare or wellness is a general term for the condition of an individual or group, for example their social, economic, psychological, spiritual or medical state; a high level of well-being means in some sense the individual or group’s condition is positive, while low well-being is associated with negative happenings.
In this present study the researcher tried to find the level of well being in sports player and also tried to find out the significance difference among in players due to their age factor, the major objectives of the study – to find out the general well being among senior and junior sports players of Kalaburagi district. To compare the well being between senior and junior sports players of the Kalaburagi district. The hypothesis – there would be influence of age on the general well being among the sports players of Kalaburagi district. Research sample – One hundred sports players chosen from Kalaburagi district, Karnataka. The Sample consisted two groups of 18 to 21 and 22 to 25 years, all respondents were selected by using simple random sampling technique,
Tool – The General Well-being scale was developed by Dr.Anita Deswal was used for data collection .The data was subjected to statistical treatment by using Mean, Standard Deviation, and t-tests. Further comparing on the basis on age group. The study revealed that there is influence of age factor on the general well being among sample groups.
Key Words: General Well-Being, Age
Author: Pradeepkumar Mahantagouda
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