A Study of Alienation among Sport/Non-Sport Persons

The present study is an attempt to study the alienation dimension of mental health among sport/non-sport persons and gender. The sample is of a scattered nature and a list of sport/non-sport persons is prepared from the different colleges of Uttarakhand state. The total sample consisted of 300 sport/non-sport persons selected through random sampling. Mithila Mental Health status inventory (MMHSI): Dr. Anand Kumar, Dr. Giridhar P. Thakur (1984) is used to find out the alienation dimension of mental health in sport/non-sport persons. Alienation scale was developed to indicate the similarity of the respondent to hospitalized psychiatric cases. Persons scoring high on this scale would be suspicious, oversensitive, getting unusual sensations and sensory distortions. The results show that the female non-sport persons have more alienate than male sport persons. Female persons are more alienate than male persons. Non-sport persons are more alienate than sport persons.
Key Words: Mental Health, Alienation, Sport, Non-Sport, Gender.
Author: Dr. Ajay Malik
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