An Analytical Study of Nutritional Intake of Female Kho-Kho Players

The aim of the study was to study the nutritional practices of female kho-kho players. The nutritional intake of 24 female kho-kho players of Haryana State was recorded by the players them self for a period of one week. Participants were provided with verbal guidelines for the completion of the diaries. During this one week period the training imparted to the players were also recorded. This was used in combination with BMR predictions to calculate daily energy expenditure. Results suggest that energy intake was low (1735 ± 250.4 kcal) in relation to previous recommendations for kho-kho players. Energy expenditure (1915.6 ± 410.4 kcal) was not significantly different (p > 0.05) from intake, suggesting energy balance was achieved. Carbohydrate (47.6 ± 5.4%), protein (12.6 ± 1.9%) and fat (22.7 ± 5.4%) intakes were in line with recommendations. Fluid intake (2150 ± 847.7 ml per day) was sufficient to meet baseline recommendationsWith the help of this study it is recommended that female kho-khoplayers should increase the intake carbohydrate and take more fluid and ensure sufficient iron rich foods to meet out the required intake volume.
Key Words – Nutritional, Kho-Kho Players, Macro-nutrients.
Author: Dr. Balbir Singh
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