A Comparative Study of Selected Physical Fitness among University Level Hockey and Football Players

The purpose of the study was to comparison of selected physical fitness among university level hockey and football players. Only male players were selected randomly from the hockey and football, who had participated in university championship held at Banaras Hindu University Varanasi. The age of players ranged between 18-24 years. Speed and Agility were selected as a variable for investigation of present study. The data for the purpose of this study was collected at the field of Banaras Hindu University Varanasi by administering the speed and agility. Hockey and football players were not found statically different with regard to speed. There was significant different was found in agility of hockey and football players. The football players were more Agile. No significant different has been found between speed variable of hockey and football player. Significant different has been found between agility variable of hockey and football player.
Key Words: Physical Fitness, Speed, Agility.
Authors: Sandeep Chaudhary & Dr. Vandana Verma
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