Relaxation as Related to Arousal and Performance in Handball

This study was to examine the effects of relaxation schedule on arousal levels and performance of college Handball players. Age ranged of the subjects between 18 to 25. It is muscle relaxation schedule for 10 min before training. Three relaxation training sessions were conducted on alternate days. Thirty players of Handball were in this training. The following measures in this training; systolic blood pressure, diastolic B.P., pulse rate, acceleration speed, explosive power and choice reaction time. The result of this study in Table1; The increase in Systolic and diastolic blood pressure is not significant. However, the increase in pulse rate is significant at 0.05 level. Table 2 Systolic B.P. goes down from 127.88 to 121.67. Similarly diastolic B.P. was found decreased to a level of 78.88 from 82.5, the latter was recorded before the relaxation programme was 79.96 compared to 90.42 recorded before the relaxation work out. However, these changes are not significant.
Key Words: Arousal, Anxiety, Systolic , Diastolic, Training, Blood Pressure
Author: Shashi Kant
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