Coping Strategies Related to Stress Management Used by Field Hockey Umpires in India

The purpose of this study was to describe the coping strategies used by Indian Field Hockey Umpires to manage the stress. “Official Coping Questionnaire” of 28-items was used as the data collection tool. Questionnaire assessing coping strategies were returned by 52 of 90 hockey umpires (57.8%) of different part of India. The top coping strategy used by the Umpires included “On a daily or weekly basis, I set very specific goals”, “I do lots of planning about how to reach my goals”, “I set my own performance goals for each game”, and “I have my own game plan worked out in my head long before the game begins” {“Goal setting and Mental Preparation” strategy (M=10.44, SD=2.014)}.
Key Words: Achievement Motivation, Locus of Control.
Authors: Ms. Sonia Bathla, Dr. Satish Yadav
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