Yoga and Meditation- Benefits of Yoga and Meditation in Healty Lifestyle

Yoga and meditation are important part of healthy lifestyle. Yoga is a multifaceted spiritual tool with enhanced health and well being as one of its positive effects. The component of yoga which are very commonly applied for health benefits are Asans (Physical Postures), Pranayama (Regulated Breathing) and meditation. Considered fundamental for the development of physical well being, meditation in itself and a preparation for deep meditation. Meditation is simply spend quiet time, away from all distractions and just breathing. Yoga and meditation works anti depressant has immense benefits on the health.  Both are helps relieve stress and alleviates anxiety. Yoga meditation gaining popularity as an accessible, acceptable and cost effective practice for mind and body. People are turning to yoga for mental Health improvement because of preferences for Self Treatment as opposed to clinical intervention; perceived greater efficacy than medication. Yoga and Meditation has minimal side effects and is cost- effective in comparison with pharmacological treatments and physiotherapy.
Key Words: Yoga, Meditation, Health, Lifestyle.
Author: Reena Rani
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