Playing Ability of Kho-Kho from Selected Physical Fitness Variables among College Level Players

The purpose of the study was to investigate the relationship of selected Physical fitness variables with the playing ability of male kho-kho players. To achieve the objective of the present study total twenty five college male Kho-Kho players were selected as subject on the basis of purposive sample selection. For the purpose of the study kho-kho playing ability was selected as dependent variables and selected physical fitness variables (speed, agility and flexibility) selected as independent variables. To investigate significant relationships of selected physical fitness variables with the kho-kho playing ability of kho-kho players, descriptive statistics and the Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation was used for the analysis of data with the help of SPSS (16.0 version) software and the level of significance was set at 0.05 level of confidence. On the basis of result and findings of the study it may be conclude that Significant relationship was found between kho-kho playing ability and speed (r = -.899, p < .05), Agility (r = -.747, p < .05), Flexibility (r = .765, p < .05).
Key Words: Kho-Kho Playing Ability, Speed, Agility, Flexibility.
Author: Shashi Kant
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