ICT Applications in Teaching and Learning of Physical Education and Sports

Physical education and sports are usually considered synonymous to physical activities taking place in a gymnasium or a field or a stadium, under the guidance of a former athlete/ trainer/ coach/ physical education teacher. The generations of teachers have been content to replicate the practices of their teachers and their teachers’ teachers. However, in today’s e-environment, this traditional method of teacher-led way of teaching and learning of physical education is not enough. If we do not plan and prepare for things to come, our ability to cope with them may be inadequate. Hence, the present paper attempts to identify, assimilate and present ICT applications in the field of physical education and sports, in particular, for teaching and learning of the subject. It can be concluded that the usage of ICT applications are possible in all areas of physical education and sports be it the classroom teaching; research, publications; gymnasium, fitness testing, training, performance analysis, motivation of athletes; building venues, conducting events, or managing routine activities.

Key Words: ICT Application, Computer, Physical Education, Sports.

Author: Dr. Seema Kaushik

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