Effects & Benefits of Yoga on Mental and Physical Health

The main purpose of the study was to explain the effects of Yoga on mental and physical health, How Yoga is important of individuals daily life Yoga is an ancient art and science that aims for high-level wellness-physical, mental, and spiritual. The study is based on secondary sources. The author has highlighted the asanas which are essential for mental and physical health of the people. By performing daily Yogasanas one can attain good mental and physical health this new view states, that mental health is not solely comprised of a reduction of negative symptoms, such as stress or depression, but positive experiences as well, such as emotional well-being, happiness and self-realization. To study find out the mentally and physical Health benefits of yoga and its effects of mental and physical health in yoga. To be able to clarify what the effects of yoga are on mental health in physical, chronic conditions, one must first determine what ‘mental health’ actually is.
Key Words: Physical Health, Mental Health, Yoga, Asanas.
Authors: Veereshkumar B. Vijapur, Dr. Pratap Singh Tiwari
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