Comparison of different Aerobic programme on Health of Women Athletes

Participation in games and sports provides a service to the individual by preparing him/her to the challenges of competition during later life in the society. Fitness for effective living is very important.  Now a day sports is a big platform so many people want to take part in sports weather it is for fitness or competitive sports. Aerobic dances are very popular fitness programme among the youth. Aerobic dancing is a series of callisthenics exercises, movements done with the music. There are various types of aerobic dance programme they are as following – a) Aerobic dance with Music, b) Aerobic dance with Swiss ball, c) Aerobic dance with Dumbbells. All types of Aerobic programmes are effective one which increases the endurance, cardio-vascular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility. It also improves the capacity of heart and lungs there are so many direct and indirect benefits of Aerobics. There are many benefits of different aerobic programme; it develops all the components of fitness (Strength, endurance, speed, flexibility). Aerobic dance with music (fast music) is also very interesting to perform. So this proves the women athlete must be involve this type of athletic programme for their training as well as health.

Key Words: Aerobics, Health, Women Athlete, Aerobic Dance

Authors Name: Ms. Kalyani Dwivedi

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