Blood Doping: Is It Really Worth It?

Blood doping has become an integral part of sports and fair play. It enhances your performance by increasing red blood cell mass and thereby delivering more oxygen to muscle. This manipulation has gained notoriety in the sports world for what it can do for an athlete during endurance events. Special concern has been expressed that the cardiovascular system of an athlete undergoing this procedure could be in jeopardy. Still, there are athletes out there that will put themselves at risk just to experience the thrill of being number one, regardless of the circumstances. Fortunately, the last few years have been generous to mankind and several ways have been discovered to increase our blood’s oxygen carrying capacity that are not detrimental to us in anyway. They are altitude training and the High Altitude Bed. Both are safe and practical ways to achieve what some people accomplish through a highly dangerous and somewhat controversial method.
Key Words:  Blood Doping, Cardiovascular System.
Authors: Dr. Sandeep Kundu
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