Recent Research into the Value of Quality Physical Education and School Sports

This paper provides an overview of the findings and implications of recent research that is relevant in considering the prospective benefits and thus, the value, of Physical Education. The paper acknowledges physical activity and sports as central to Physical Education and therefore also discusses research examining physical activity and sports in schools. Physical Education is emphasised as being ‘an educational endeavour and experience’, focusing on the provision of learning experiences that potentially have a key role to play in providing young people with skills, knowledge, understanding, values and attitudes that are fundamental to their health and lifestyles. The paper draws on international research to specifically explore the benefits of physical education in relation to young people’s: physical development and well-being; social and emotional development and well-being; and their cognitive/academic development and achievement.
Key Words:  Specific Goals, Physical Activity, Academic Achievement, Regular Physical Activity, Item Response Theory.
Author: Dr. Sandeep Kundu
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