Comparison of Reaction Time among Different Male Hockey and Football Player

The purpose of this study was to compare reaction time among to  the  male  hockey,  Basketball, Judo  and  football  athletes  of  Department of Physical Education University  of Jodhpur . For the purpose of this study 8 male hockey of each sports were selected.  The age of subjects ranged between 18 to 22 years. The reaction time was measured by using Anand electronic reaction time apparatus. The tests were administered at Human Performance Lab Department of Physical Education, University of Jodhpur. To ensure that the data collected was reliable, each subject was given sufficient number of trials to perform the respective test for reaction time and test was administered to all the subjects as per prescribed procedure. In order to analyze the data, the one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) test was used to compare the means of different sport groups. The level of significance was set at .05.  It has been observed from the analysis of given data and interpretation of findings that no significant relationship was found among different male athletes.
Key words: Reaction Time, Hockey, Basketball, Judo, Football
Authors: Khivraj Mehra & Dr.B.L.Dayama
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