Sports journalism is the writing of reports on sporting topics and games. It is an essential element of any news media organization with various sports events across the world, there is continuous rise in the requirement of Sport Journalists. To become a successful sports journalist one needs to have the acumen of reporting, editing and working under pressure. In addition to the norms of basic journalism, one needs to be extremely passionate about sports to succeed in the field of sports journalism. Sport journalism is a highly specialized field which requires special type of training. India being a cricket crazy nation, there are many successful popular faces whom we can associate with the field of Cricket. Harsha Bhogle to Boria Majumdar all have become famous being associated with the game of cricket. At the same time, there are requirements of sports reporter for other sporting events. We find most of the English dailies in India devote four pages only on sports. Sports pages are most popular amongst students, youth and in turn popular amongst advertisers.
Key words: Sports Journalism, Media, Women.
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