The purpose of the present study was found out the relationship between selected structural and functional ability of volleyball female players. Thirty (30) subjects were selected randomly from different colleges of the Institute of Professional Studies, bilaspur, (C.G.). All the subjects were state level players who have participated in various state level Volleyball competitions. The age group of the subjects ranged between 18 to 25 years. The test use in this study for the collection of data volleyball playing ability Modified Brady Wall Valley Test were selected because they were found to be most reliable and have been used very often in the area of physical education and sports. Under this test following criteria were measured standing height, weight, Arm Ratio, Speed, Strength, Endurance and playing ability of the subjects. The data pertaining to standing height, weight, for arm and Upper Arm Ratio and Strength was collected in the indoor stadium of Institute of Professional Studies, bilaspur (C.G.). To find out the relationship of selected structural and functional variables to the Volleyball playing ability single Shot research design was applied. To find out the relationship of selected structural and functional variable, the Karl Pearson product moment Correlation was use to test the level of significant was set at 0.05. Within the limitations of the present study it is concluded that there is no significance relationship exist between two structural variables i.e. Weight and for Upper Arm ratio with Volleyball playing ability.There is no significant relationship between two functional variables strength and Endurance.
Key Words: Structural, Functional Abilities and Volleyball
Authors: Dr. Mahendra Kumar Singh, Sravan Kr. Singh Yadav, Dr. Mohd. Tarique
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