Effect of Low Intensity Aerobic Training Programme on Breath Holding Capacity in 16 year and 22 year males


Objective: First objective of the present study was to to determine the level of Breath Holding Capacity in 16-22 years of degree college students of Bahadwar Vidya Mandi Degree College, Agra (Uttar Pradesh). Second objective of the present study was to to compare the experimental group and control group in Breath Holding Capacity.
Methods: For the present study, A total of 40 subjects were selected for the present study. 10 randomly selected male belonging to different groups (two experimental and one control was selected for the present study selected with 10 week of training programme. Results: Significant mean difference was found the experimental group and the control groups in relation to breath holding capacity in both 16 and 22 years. Conclusion: Low intensity training programme is effective for improving the Breath Holding capacity in 16 and 22 years.

Key Words: Breath Holding Capacity, Low Level Aerobic Training Etc.

Authors: Dr Devender Prakash, Mrs Manju Dalal & Pramod Dalal

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