A Case Study on Dhyanchand Awardee Shri Syed Ali to the Promotion of Indian Hockey

A case study was designed on Dhyanchand Awardee Shri Syed Ali to the promotion of Indian hockey. The purpose of this study was to collect the information about the work of Syed Ali on field hockey. Data Information for this investigation was derived from the primary i.e. personal records, pictorial records, news papers, official records and secondary sources. Thirty eminent contemporaries as the subject. Survey technique was used to obtain responses and reactions through opinion rating questionnaire to get desired information. Opinion rating questionnaire on Shri Syed Ali was constructed by researcher with the help of supervisor and experts. Thirty dimensions were selected for the responses on promotion of hockey. The percentages of responses were analyzed. It has come out that he is working in many ways to promotes hockey in rural and urban areas of Uttar Pradesh as well as in India.
To estimate the strength of feeling, five points rating scale was used as: Strongly Agree (S.A.), Agree (A), Undecided (U.D.) Disagree (D.A.), Strongly disagree (S.D.). The subjects will also be requested to return the questionnaire with the necessary information at the earliest convenience. Finally the total number of responses received and converted in terms of percentage, interpretation was done accordingly. Result: majority of respondents (juniors, seniors and colleagues) either strongly agreed or agreed.  It concluded that Syed Ali is a promoter of hockey.
Key words: Promotion, Primary, Secondary, Opinion Rating, Questionnaire, etc.
Authors: Rahul Kumar Prasad & Dr. Mahesh Singh Dhapola
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