Role of Physical Education in the present system of Education in India

The beliefs and experience of physical education today rest on the history of this field of endeavor. It is the source of physical education’s identity. Many of today’s activities have their fore-runners in history. For instance, the first Olympics date back to 776 ancient Greece. Yoga and Karate, activities with much recent interest, date back to ancient oriental societies. Many more facts that will help the physical educators to understand the present better can be achieved by studying the past. In the government plan related to physical education it has been noticed that greater stress is laid on good health physical part of the body and its educational value is being ignored. There is a need to make it clear that physical education not only influence physical health but also the physical capacity and mental alertness. It helps in the development of fine virtues such as sportsman spirit, leadership, discipline, spirit of victory and defeat etc.
Key Words: Physical education, Education, Sports performance, Deterioration, Improvement.
Author: Aafid Gulam
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