Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga is an internal expedition that creates an awareness and understanding of yourself and leads you to self transformation. It is a primordial science of self-development that filters your mind and body and sustains perfect balance and harmony between them. In other words, it is an art of controlling your mind, body and breath and unlocking the hidden potential energies. Yoga can be in meditation form and it could also be a form of physical exercise. Many human beings are so busy with their personal lives that they have even forgotten the correct way to breath. Yoga is a way of life for good living and for the benefit of the body. Yoga is the only technique through which the body of any human being can be healthy without any trainer, equipment and medicine. Thus, my purpose of this paper makes an attempt to analyze the role and importance of Yoga on physical health.
Key Words: Yoga, health, athlete, benefits
Author: Aafid Gulam
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