A study of sports competitive anxiety, self concept and self confidence between all India Inter university female players of team and individual game

The purpose of the present study was to determine the Anxiety, Self-concept and Self-confidence between female players of All India University Team and Individual games. To obtain data for this study, the investigator had selected One hundred Twenty (N=120) subjects, out of which sixty (N=60) from Team Game and sixty (n=60) from Individual Game, who were playing in All India University level tournament in session 2015-16. The age of the subjects ranged from 18 to 28 years. To collect the required data for the present study, and to measure the Sports Competitive Anxiety, Marten’s (1990) Sports Competitive Anxiety test (SCAT) was used, to assess the Self-concept level of the subject, self-concept rating scale developed by Dr. R.K. Saraswat (2005) was used and Self Confidence of the subjects measured by applying the Self- Confidence Inventory (SCI) developed by Rekha Agnihotry (1987). Scoring was done for the respective questionnaire according to their manuals. “T” test was applied to determine the significant difference and direction of difference in mean scores of variables between Team and Individual games players. The level of significance was set at 0.05 level. The results revealed a significant difference found between All India University female players of Team games and Individual Games on the variables of sports competitive anxiety, Self-concept and Self-confidence. It concluded that, female players of Team Games are statistically higher in sports competitive anxiety and lower in self-confidence as compared to their counterpart Individual Games players. However, the result shows that the female players of Individual Games are statistically higher in self-concept as compared to their counterpart female players of Team Games.
Key Words: Self-concept, Anxiety, Self-confidence, Team Game, Individual Game, Female, All India Inter University, Players.
Authors:  Dr. Sanjit Sardar , Ajay Kumar Pandey
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